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Miss Mission USA



Miss Mission USA is the preliminary to Miss Mission International. MMI created a system that doesn’t just focus on age, height, weight, culture and looks, but on inclusivity. Our goal is to build a reputation as the most relevant and worthwhile beauty event in the world, setting a legacy of beauty and altruism. Our queens become leaders for positive change on an extraodinary level, they will dedicate their year of service to their specific advocacy. Each year there will be a fair competition, where we will crown one Miss and one Teen representative to be the face of Miss Mission USA. With the commencement of their reign, we will adapt our yearly mission to focus on their advocacy. Thus, making us different than any other system that focuses on just one niche, one worldly issue. There are so many issues that need attention. We welcome the opportunity and challenges to make a difference one year at a time.


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Reigning with a Mission

I have recently founded, “Crowned Confidant” in
hopes of helping the younger generation to be mindful of their mental health. “Crowned Confidant” is dedicated to empowering and encouraging our next generation to pursue mental health through mentorship with empathetic, and inspirational Queens.
“Crowned Confidant” is a pen pal system in which teens are teamed up with Queens that serve as their mentors and friends. Our goal is to foster healthy relationships and a safe space for teens to share what is on their heart, and their mind. Our Queens are committed to
encouraging vulnerability and listening empathetically
to their teen. Ultimately our purpose with “Crowned
Confidant” is to provide our youth with individuals they
can trust so that they never feel alone.
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Reigning with a Mission

My mission is called “Fight for Inclusion” where I spend my time advocating for individuals with disabilities and prioritizing inclusion in academic settings and every day life. My mission is crucial to not only my hometown, my state, and my country, but it is something that occurs worldwide. With “Fight for Inclusion”, I educate individuals around the world on the importance of inclusion and how to create brighter futures for those with disabilities. I also raise funds for non profits that have the same dream as me: to create a world for individuals with disabilities that is filled with love, opportunity, and hope.

Reigning with a Mission

Since a young age I have been drawn to the kitchen and have loved everything related to culinary arts. Recently I have graduated from a vocational high school where I was certified as a Culinary Arts Cook. While practicing my skills I had come to realize that a lot of food would go to waste; and wanted to find a solution to this. With the help of my Chef, fellow culinarians and I have been able to collaborate with a local pantry called James O’Bryant Food Pantry. Within the past two years 800 meals and more than 200 quarts of soup have been donated to the pantry. This past year I created my social platform “A Meal From Me To You,” my goal with the platform is to educate as many people as I can about the importance of not wasting food, as well as doing something as simple as giving an extra box of food to a pantry. If there’s one thing that devastates me the most, it’s seeing people struggle to get the Necessities they need in life.

Reigning with a Mission

I founded The Queen’s Toolbox in honor and memory of my brave friends who suffered terminal mental illness, to connect people worldwide with effective mental health resources and supports. While 1.2 million Americans reported attempting suicide in the past year, and one in four Americans live with mental illness, less than half access care. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)  is shown to reduce suicide probabilities by 95%, but even those with comprehensive insurance are rarely afforded the opportunity to complete treatment. Currently, The Queen’s Toolbox provides free DBT materials, coaching, and education across North America, and my dream is to provide free mental health treatment worldwide for all who may benefit.


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